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About Us

About SITS Info Solutions

We, as a company, provide our clients various IT related services as well as consulting before executing any project. We come up with various kinds of solutions which are customized based on the individual project of the client. Along with that we also provide SAAS (software as a service) and Cloud based on the kind of subscription model that is chosen by the customer.
The main goal of our company is not just working towards the project; however it is also meant to provide the value for money, quality and timely delivery. We work as per the budget of the customer and ensure that even when they’ve a budget constraint, they get the best from us. Every time we work on a project, it is important that everything is cleared at the start of the project.

SITS Info Solutions
Established in the 2007, with our headquarters based in Ujjain, we are growing as a company which currently has 5 development centers across the country in cities like Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Ujjain and New Delhi. Our team is made up of well-equipped 200+ professionals and is growing with time. We also make it a point that our people work in an environment that has all the necessary facilities to work in a techno environment. Our resources are vast which give us an upper hand to make sure that there is no scope for any kind of mistake or error.
Customer satisfaction is our main motto and means everything to us. We appreciate people with effective and innovative methods or techniques which are well reflected in a project that is successful as well as over exceeding our customer expectations. Our passion for our work and the love that we have for clients is shown in the form of the work that we do.

Our Mission and Vision

SITS Info Solutions

Our Vision

Our company's vision is to become a dynamic, quality service providing company in the field of IT & Healthcare. To achieve this pioneered status in the Global IT Industry on client server and web based technologies and to provide best software product Development, we’re constantly trying to grow as a trusted technology partner to our clients.

Our Mission

We provide customized service to our valued customers by making advance use of technology and thereby enabling earning profits. We ensure our customers achieving strategic goals in quick time. While maintaining focus on delivering innovative, practical results with quality IT services and consultation, we guide our customers through the complicated path of constant technological changes.

More about us

Our experience taught us that great websites don’t happen by chance, they are result of great design, close communication with client & cutting edge technology. We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers.

We follow agile development methodology for the best output our client can get. We insist on Documentation, daily updates, weekly poker meeting , and daily report submission and client approval on that.

Our development team offers comprehensive and end-to-end quality assurance. From creating project documentation and daily report,with cross-browser compatibility.

To provide the highest quality IT services to our clients at a fair cost with a focus on client delightment. To maintain a fair & pleasant work environment with opportunity for professional development.

Our expertise