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Let's Connect
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We are a growing company and looking for talented people who have passion for web

Our work environment provides candidates a chance to enhance their skills in the best way possible. A new talent is always welcomed in our company. Working along with us ensures that you have the chance to work in an environment which is friendly, fun-filled, exciting, challenging as well as provides a job satisfaction. There is an open door policy in order to ensure that the people working in the company can always approach anyone in the higher hierarchy regarding any help, concerns or questions they have at work.

In order to work for us, it is very important that the candidate should be well aware of the changing market trends, highly qualified as well as the ability to work under any situation that may come up. As a member of our company, it is very important that he understands the value and respect our clients and their needs.

With every project that is handled by our engineers, they get an opportunity to grow within themselves as a professional as well as the company also keeps a watchful eye to award the employees with the relevant incentives, bonuses and promotions based on their performance and the feedback that is given by the customers.

We respect talent that has the ability to think out of the box, strong minded and strong willed as well as a never quit attitude. Every person working with us, have the liberty and flexibility to provide their suggestions in order to give our customers with projects that are above the expectations. As a company, we believe in walking together towards achieving our goals without compromising on our quality, ethics, morals and values.

Working for our company requires your loyalty, faithfulness, trust, patience as well as excitement to learn something new every day. We want people who are willing to give their best in every way possible.

Why Join SITS

SITS Info Solutions

If you are a person who shares the same love and interest for technology, then SITS is the company for you. We love to have talent that shares the same passion that we have when it comes to work. As a professional it becomes essential that you stay up to date with all the latest trends, our company makes it a personal responsibility to ensure that our people are trained and updated regularly.

We understand that there are many challenges that is faced while working on a project, however if you are a person who loves to overcome these challenges, then there is no better place than working with us.

As a professional, it is essential to improve your skills and this is something that we also work hard upon. We ensure that the flexibility and resources are providing to everyone working with us in order to enhance their skills and knowledge.

There is a trust factor that is given and taken by the company and its employees, as a company, we believe in living up to the trust that is given to us by our employee and we expect the same from our employees. Another essential factor is why you should join our company is the ability for you to grow as a person and professional without any restrictions. Our employees are not just people who work for us; they are a part of an extended family where they spend most of their time. This is also one of the main reasons why our company has been growing drastically.

United we stand, Divided we fall. We believe in the unity of our team and respect each and everybody in the team. We prefer to have a working environment that is like a magnet attracting people with good caliber, positive attitude and willingness to work and face any challenge with the best of their ability and capability.

Fun at work

SITS Info Solutions

We all know that a working environment is very stressful and challenging. This often leads to the employees not giving the required productivity. Especially in the IT field, things can get very challenging and time consuming. This is why our company strives to ensure that our employees make it a point to have fun whenever they do any project.

Some of the ways that we bring about a change in the environment at work are mentioned below

Our employees matter a lot to us. This is why we wait for an opportunity to celebrate along with them, be it a birthday, a festival or even public holidays, we always try to find out a way to spend some quality time with our employees when they are not working. We also come up with various bonus, incentives or prices for those employees who make it a point to work hard or give more than what is needed from them.

For a successful company, it is not only about the profits it earns; it is also about ensuring and incorporating a job satisfaction to every member of our company. As a company, it is our moral responsibility and duty to ensure that our people do not feel the heat or pressure of the work that is done by them for our clients. Everyone is respected for who they are and we do our best to motivate our people to work with a positive mind.

There are also times that we go ahead and plan out a small trip with our employees to give them a break or just to bond with them. We know and understand how hard working our people are and that is why we also make it a point to ensure that we do our best in order to create a work environment that can help our people deal with challenges and stress that is involved during the time when they are working on a project.

Below are the profiles we are having an opening for following positions
Senior PHP Developers

Skills : MVC pattern using CodeIgniter / Cake / Zend Framework, jQuery & AJAX, Experience working on offshore projects.
Min Exp : 1 Year
Salary : 2L – 4L (depending on experience & abilities)
Number of positions : 3

Web Designers

Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Experience working on Responsive Web Designs, Working exp on 960gs, Skeleton, Bootstrap.
Min Exp : 1 Year
Salary : 2L – 4L (depending on experience & abilities)
Number of positions : 2