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Medical Transcription Services

SITS Info-SolutionS is devoted to enhancing the way doctor's facilities and medical practitioner practices work regularly  

SITS Info-SolutionS is dedicated to improving the way hospitals and physician practices operate on a daily basis. We leverage leading internet technology to provide more efficient, quality-driven, and cost-effective Medical Transcription Services to various single physicians practices, medical groups, health clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals as per AAMT guidelines.

Our Medical Transcription Services provides a seamless integration with the hospital or medical practice, which include dictation capture, routing and transcription, to returning documents in the any preferred format to any destination or software. We offer complete or partial outsourced, or even overflow medical transcription services, with a full array of flexible solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs. We do offer customize solutions based on your facility’s individual dictation system requirements, hospital information platform, and delivery format of transcribed reports.

Our global delivery centers for transcription services provide huge efficiency, quick turn around, and savings which we pass on to you.

SITS Info-SolutionS is one of the leading providers of Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services, providing a highly efficient, cost effective and reliable service to various single physicians, medical groups, healthcare clinics, and hospitals. We utilize our global advantage and in-house resources to provide economical medical transcription outsourced services.

Our Medical Transcription Services Offer :

  • 100% Hipaa Compliance
  • 24hr Turn around Time
  • No It/infrastructure Investment
  • In-house medical transcription specialists
  • 3 Tier Quality Audit
  • 99% or better accuracy
  • Industry best Quality Assurance
  • Highly Economical
  • Ability to handle Stat reports
  • Custom Reports

Our Medical Transcription Process Include:

The physician dictates reports using any existing digital devices. Using state-of-the-art technology and proven conventional methods, we have the ability to capture your dictation from any system you are currently using.

Dictation is retrieved and then transcribed into medical records using software that interfaces with multiple platform,

Our Transcriptionist’s are well-trained, proficient and are specialists with American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) guidelines and Medical Terminology listen to the voice recordings of the doctors or other healthcare professionals and provide error-free transcripts.

The completed transcripts undergo 2 levels of Quality Control checks –Spelling and Grammar Errors and Review of each report for contextual errors as per client specifications.

The Transcripts can be delivered in virtually any preferred format and with just about any method such as;
  • Printing on-site at your facility
  • Faxing copies directly to your physicians
  • Importing documents directly into your medical records/hospital software
  • Transcribing directly into your medical records software
  • Scheduled e-mail delivery
  • Secure, encrypted Internet download via HTTPS and FTP
  • Custom-designed reports with your facility logo