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Security & Confidentiality

At an organization level any outsourcing project    would involve the tangible changes in structure and processes  

In perspective of the affectability connected with the Healthcare Information, all our groups finish up completely secured idiotic terminal Pc's which don't have a floppy drive, Cd drive or a Usb port. We take all consistence identified concerns of our clients quite genuinely and we address them proactively. Our conveyance focus houses the most mechanically propelled foundation to handle information security issues . Here is the way we go past the rudiments measures:

Information Confidentiality
In perspective of the affectability connected with the Healthcare Information, all our groups finish up completely secured idiotic terminal Pc's which don't have a floppy drive, Cd drive or a Usb port. The groups have confined remote access to the customer's programming requisitions and devices empowering them to do the work needed to finish the needed administrations just in a protected way. Particular customer systems are physically separated and have devoted firewalls into the customer's system for an extra security.

System Security
Full time in-house security group devoted to observing programmer destinations, evaluating conceivable dangers. This group guarantees Physical security, organize security, provisions, desktop and voice and information security, Centralized control over undertaking assets, change control, access control and arrangement administration for least disturbance in client administration conveyance. Thorough round the year reviews are led to assess dangers and improve and execute significant counter.

Physical Security
In our conveyance focus nobody is permitted in without screening and nobody is permitted to get or take any data catch mechanisms incorporating versatile telephones and Polaroid’s. The office is verifiably secured with access just to commissioned people in customer particular regions ensured via card book lovers and a protected access frameworks.. A 24×7 security constrain physically monitors the office from any unapproved access.

100% Hipaa Compliant
We are dedicated to attaining and looking after agreeability with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Hipaa) of 1996. As your reliable accomplice in the chain of convey patient health data, we have set up particular specialized and physical security emphasizes for our information framework, incorporating Id of sanctioned clients, control of framework access, information honesty, and backup/recovery to guarantee accessibility and dependability. In consistence with Hipaa, security is supported utilizing a consolidation of sanctioned instruments and secure attachment layer convention.

Validation is guaranteed through proficient utilization of passwords to secure client personality. Access to our restrictive workflow and dispersion framework is allowed just after verification.

Information, program, framework, and arrange respectability assume a part in guaranteeing that data is traded just in an approved way.

Review Trial
Finish logging of all alterations made to every last report incorporating manager, proofreader's part, and time of alter. Framework Security Monitoring Screening of exercises happening in our framework to forestall or locate any rupture.

Information Storage and Transmission Features Secure physical space of all information and secure transmission. This incorporates consistent reconnaissance by system specialists, premises ensured by security watches, and safely encoded transmission between SITS Info-SolutionS and its customers.

Secrecy Agreements
We limit access to all private data. Just select representatives might access the framework for managerial and backing purposes. These representatives are exceptionally constrained in number and are submitted to the SITS Info-SolutionS protection and security approaches. Worldwide Edge signs a Confidentiality Agreement with each of our representatives and our clients.